Sampa lhunDRupma Statue


Sampa Lhundrupma Temple

Orgyen Choling, Tularosa, New Mexico

Sampa Lhundrupma translates as “ (The Prayer to Guru Rinpoche That) Spontaneously Fulfills All Wishes”.  It is chapter seven of the famous terma, the Seven Chapter Prayer of Guru Rinpoche.

Within the Sampa Lhundrubma, there are thirteen different manifestations of Guru Rinpoche for subduing different dangers.  There are special prayers for each form, and among them Rinpoche has chosen six manifestations for the dangers we currently face. The six manifesations chosen by Rinpoche for our time are:

  • Orgyen Drekpa Kun Dul - the main deity, against war

  • Orgyen Men Lha – for healing

  • Orgyen Khandro Norlha –for wealth

  • Orgyen Jung Zhi Wang Gyur – for mastering the four elements

  • Orgyen Dorje Gur  - against assailants and terrorists

  • Orgyen Nangwa Thaye –for the time of death

The statue in the temple is Orgyen Drekpa Kun Dul  which stops invasion and war.  We pray to this manifestation to subdue all negative forces. He stops anyone who is aggressive to neighboring countries, from East or West.

It is as if he is walking with his hands in a threatening gesture, surrounded by 4 protectors.  

There are thangkas in the temple of the other five deities:

Orgyen Men Lha (medicine deity) is blue in color, holding 5 Arura fruits with different colors and qualities in his right hand to cure many diseases, especially the new diseases caused by these degenerate times.  His left hand holds a kapala (skull cup) filled with dudtsi.   

Orgyen Khandro Norlha (wealth deity) is a yellow-golden color. He holds a wish-fulfilling jewel in his right hand and a skull cup filled with amrita in his left hand. He is surrounded by a retinue of 4 deities.   

Orgyen Jung Zhi Wang Gyur (one who controls four elements) is light blue in color with his right hand holding Mount Meru and the left hand holding a fire and wind lasso. He stops elemental dangers of fire, earthquake, water, flood, tsunami, tornados and hurricanes, which can cause a lot of damage. There is a retinue of elemental Dakini Goddesses in each direction,  representing wind, water, fire, and earth.

Orgyen Dorje Gur (Vajra Tent) is golden in color and holds a sword in his right hand for stopping terrorist attacks and in his left hand he holds an iron  hook to capture them by their hearts.

Orgyen Nangwa Thaye (Amitabha) is red in color with the right hand holding a pink lotus and left hand holding Buddha’s begging bowl filled with amrita.  At the time of death, when we pray to Orgyen Nangwa Thaye, our death experience will be much easier.